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Welcome to The EQ Skill
Written by Travis McIntyre   
Friday, 21 December 2007


What is The EQ Skill

       Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is recognized as one of the most important skill sets that an individual can have.  It is critical to your success at work, your family life, and relationships.  It has been called the new IQ and is recognized by thought leaders, scientists, and business executives as one of the most critical skill sets for individuals to develop.


Travis McIntyre is writing a book that will help average people understand and develop their emotional intelligence. It will combine numerous stories of everyday people using and developing their EQ with the most recent research and science on emotionali intelligence.


This web site was created to form a community of individuals interested in understanding and developing their EQ.  We have included forums for you to share your stories and ask questions. We have included many articles on emotional intelligence and will allow you to add your own articles to the site.

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